Late stoppage

Is this the worst (late) stoppage in MMA history?

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Yesterday EFC Africa hosted their 28th event featuring a heavyweight bout between Christophe Walravens (4-1) and Bernado Mikixi (5-5). The result was a travesty in MMA refereeing. Walravens catches Mikixi was a hard overhand right in the second round that puts his opponent on the floor. Walravens then delivers 13 unanswered strikes to a turtled up […]

Average Bantamweight Height

UFC Bantamweight Biometrics

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UFC Bantamweight fighters are known for their speed and agility but could equally be known for their biometrics. Hosting one of the largest differences in height and age for a weight category, the UFC’s bantamweight division is a diverse mix of fighters. The division boosts one of the largest differences between the shortest and tallest […]


Fighting Facts: Breaking down the UFC Heavyweight Division

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This month MMA Fight DB breaks down the UFC heavyweight division to see how the largest weight category in the Ultimate Fighting Championship stacks up. Widely regarded as one of the most exciting divisions, the statistics reveal exactly why the UFC heavyweight division is so compelling to watch. Featuring the tallest, heaviest and most (T)KO […]

winner vs loser with lighter weight highlight

Triangle Choke Trigonometry: How Important is Fighter Height?

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This month the MMA Fight DB team dusted off our MMA math books for a little triangle choke trigonometry. We compared MMA fighters’ heights across weight classes to see what impact height had on securing a triangle choke submission. The results of our analysis reveal that there is no correlation between height and triangle choke success. […]